What is a Heat Sensitive Product?

A Heat Sensitive Product is any product that may be affected by exposure to extremely high temperatures or long-term heat exposure. BodyBio Oils and Softgels are typically considered Heat Sensitive Products, as they can be sensitive to extremely high temperatures.

Examples of such effects include softgels congealing and sticking together and oils becoming separated, and, in extreme cases, spoiled. These effects are especially common during ground shipping in the summer months when the outside temperature is over 85 degrees Fahrenheit.

How do I know if a product is considered a Heat Sensitive Product?

Heat Sensitive Products will be labeled as such in their respective product descriptions.

For your convenience, BodyBio branded Heat Sensitive Products include:

  • BodyBio PC Softgels
  • BodyBio Balance Oil Softgels
  • BodyBio Balance Oil Liquid
  • Evening Primrose Oil Softgels
  • Evening Primrose Oil Liquid
  • Fish Oil Softgels

What shipping option do you recommend for Heat Sensitive Products?

BodyBio recommends Priority shipping (maximum 3 business days) for Heat Sensitive Products, as it is widely accepted as the heat-sensitive shipping option. However, Overnight shipping should be considered for those individuals that are especially concerned about the amount of time the product is in transit.
We also recommend placing Priority shipments on Monday or Tuesday, as they will have less time in transit since the weekend (non-business days) will not be a factor.

Will Heat Sensitive Products be shipped with ice packs?

Currently, Heat Sensitive Products are shipped with ice packs by request only. You can request an ice pack be shipped with your Heat Sensitive Products in the “Order Note” at checkout. There will be no additional cost for an ice pack to be added to your order.