Our commitment to cellular health

At BodyBio, we are committed to developing products that improve the health of the trillions of cells that make up the fabric of human life. Healthy cells, healthy body - that is our mantra. 

We follow science, not trends. Since 1998 over 2000 healthcare practitioners around the world have entrusted BodyBio and our products to their patients. In 2018, after more than two decades in existence we embarked on a journey to make BodyBio more readily available to people around the world. 

The products we make today and the ones we will make in the future have and will always be guided by research conducted at BodyBio, where we reference thousands of pieces of scientific literature to ensure our products are optimized for efficacy and quality. We’ve raised the bar on quality standards by doing both internal and 3rd party testing to guarantee that every product we produce meets our strict product quality guidelines. 

With the help of our global network of practitioners, our in-house researchers, and leadership team, we continue to push boundaries and educate on the importance of human health at the cellular level.

We stand steadfast behind the quality of our products, and believe in the ability of our products to improve lives one cell at a time.

Our Team

BodyBio is a family. Everyone here plays an intricate role in the business to help drive forward our core mission of enhancing health at the cellular level.

Ed Kane


Favorite BodyBio supplement: BodyBio PC – it’s a total body and brain rejuvenator – and probably the best nutraceutical ever created.

Brad Berman


Favorite BodyBio supplement: PC. It helps me with memory, focus and a general sense of better health.

David Sweeney

Manufacturing Manager

Favorite BodyBio supplement: E-lyte - it has instant effect for muscle cramping and general fatigue

Jessica Kane Berman

Head of Marketing

Favorite BodyBio supplement: PC Too Many! Balance Oil for brain health, functioning and to control inflammation. Cal-Mag Butyrate for gut health and inflammation. Betaine HCL, Magnesium Carbonate, and ResCue, which cured my stomach/gut/digestive problems that I experienced for 10 years.

Reggie Scott

Web & Business Development Manager

Favorite BodyBio supplement: B vitamins help with overall mood and PC keeps my mind sharp.

Margaret Frandino

Finance and HR Manager

Favorite BodyBio Supplement: PC – For enhanced concentration, memory and focus.

Jami Knight

Quality Control Manager

Favorite BodyBio supplement: Balance Oil - as a mom to a very active toddler, I need all the help I can get with energy.

Baer Berman

Baerman of The Board