Meet our team

Everyone at BodyBio plays an intricate role in the business to help drive forward our core mission of enhancing health at the cellular level. Click on the supplement to learn about our favorites.

Brad Berman


Favorite BodyBio supplement: PC. It helps me with memory, focus and a general sense of better health.

Ed Kane


Favorite BodyBio supplement: BodyBio PC – it’s a total body and brain rejuvenator – and probably the best nutraceutical ever created.

Jessica Kane Berman


Favorite BodyBio supplement: BodyBio Foundational, the foundation for true cellular health: PC, Butyrate and Balance Oil

Dr. Thomas Wnorowski

Research Director

David Sweeney

Manufacturing Manager

Favorite BodyBio supplement: E-lyte - it has instant effect for muscle cramping and general fatigue

Jami Knight

Quality Control Manager

Favorite BodyBio supplement: Balance Oil - as a mom to a very active toddler, I need all the help I can get with energy.

Reggie Scott

Senior Sales Manager - Retail & Online

Favorite BodyBio supplement: Vitamin B+ help with overall mood and PC keeps my mind sharp.

Frank Tischner

Corporate Controller

Margaret Frandino

Finance and HR Manager

Favorite BodyBio Supplement: PC – For enhanced concentration, memory and focus.

Ashley Palmer

Head of Customer Service

Ravina Tolat

Digital Marketing Analyst

Ed Kane

Research is at the heart of everything we do and the genesis of our company. BodyBio was conceived when our founder, Ed Kane developed targeted blood chemistry analysis and epigenetic testing to investigate the most complex disorders in the world. His mission began with developing a medical software program that would produce a list of required nutrients based on an individual’s blood chemistry results. The findings from that research developed into BodyBio as we know it today.

We believe there is no way to heal the complex diseases of today without addressing the fats and oils of the membrane the membrane carries the signals in our body, without a healthy membrane, signaling will cease to exist.

— Ed Kane, Bodybio Founder

Meet the team