Since 1998

Healthcare practitioners around the world have trusted our products with their patients. That’s because, from day one, we’ve always used science and research for optimal efficacy and quality. As a result, our products are pure, non-oxidized and real. Made from science for science. We’re out to make people healthier one cell at a time. If you’re good to your cells, your cells will be good to you.

Family owned and operated

BodyBio was conceived when our founder, Ed Kane developed targeted blood chemistry analysis and epigenetic testing to investigate the most complex disorders in the world. His mission began with developing a medical software program that would produce a list of required nutrients based on an individual’s blood chemistry results. BodyBio continues to remain in the family, run by Ed’s grandchildren along with an amazing growing team. The findings from the research developed by Ed continue to be built upon, growing the business as we know it today.

We believe there is no way to heal the complex diseases of today without addressing the fats and oils of the membrane the membrane carries the signals in our body, without a healthy membrane, signaling will cease to exist.

Ed Kane

Made from science, for science.

  • Your body is an intricate machine composed of 70 trillion cells, each with
the important task of protecting, healing, and keeping you healthy.

  • The problem is: you and your cells, they have trillions of enemies. Toxins. Pollutants. Stresses. They all want to invade your body.

  • Kill them with kindness. At BodyBio. We believe if you’re good to your
 cells, your cells will be good to you.

  • Our supplements: pure, non-oxidized, real. All thoughtfully formulated 
so you can be good and kind to your body.

Meet the BodyBio team

Everyone at BodyBio plays an intricate role in the business to help drive forward our core mission of enhancing health at the cellular level.

Let’s be good to our cells. All 70 trillion of them.

At BodyBio, we understand that the health of each and every one of these cells is essential to your overall well-being. That's why we've developed supplements founded in research, tested for efficacy, and trusted by thousands of practitioners. Our products are formulated to provide the nutrients your cells need to thrive.
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