Sodium Butyrate vs. Calcium Magnesium Butyrate

Key Points:

  • There isn’t a huge difference between sodium butyrate and calcium magnesium butyrate. Both supplements will provide the same positive health results. However, you may want to choose one version over the other due to the subtle mineral differences.

  • Sodium butyrate contains a very minimal amount of sodium, so it won’t significantly contribute to your recommended daily intake. However, those who are watching their sodium intake closely may prefer an alternative like calcium magnesium butyrate.

  • When choosing your butyrate supplement, it really comes down to personal preference, mineral intake, and medical history. But the bottom line is: all butyrate is good butyrate. At the end of the day, it’s the butyric acid itself that will do the most good for your body—not the small amount of minerals used to deliver it.

One of the most popular questions we’re often asked is: what’s the difference between sodium butyrate and calcium magnesium butyrate?

The answer lies in the chemical compound of butyrate and how it's developed in a laboratory. High-quality supplements can be created with both calcium magnesium and with sodium. But as for how each form of butyrate affects the body... there’s not too much of a difference between the two.

In this quick blog, we’ll help you pick the right butyrate supplement for your body so that you can begin your healing journey with confidence.

For a general primer on butyrate, please see our article: What Is Butyrate.

Table of Contents:

What’s the Difference between Sodium Butyrate and Calcium Magnesium Butyrate?

Sodium butyrate or calcium magnesium butyrate. . . which supplement is right for you? When considering the end result, there isn’t a huge difference between sodium butyrate and calcium magnesium butyrate. Both supplements do the same important work of diversifying the microbiome, maintaining the integrity of the gut mucosal barrier, and lowering inflammatory cytokine release—all just a few benefits of butyrate.

While sodium butyrate is the most researched supplement and commonly used in cellular health medicine, some individuals may be wary of the word “sodium” if they are on a low-salt diet or are monitoring their sodium intake for any reason. Calcium magnesium butyrate offers an alternative for those who may be wary of excess sodium in their diets.

People who have tried both sodium butyrate and calcium magnesium butyrate don’t typically report any difference in the efficacy of their supplement at the same dose. If they do see a difference, it usually has more to do with the mineral involved in the process. 

For instance, magnesium and calcium are both calming minerals, so those using calcium magnesium butyrate may experience better sleep or lower anxiety if they are very sensitive to supplements. However, these are also potential benefits of butyrate supplementation, so it’s hard to separate out the specific cause and effect. 

When evaluating sodium butyrate vs calcium magnesium butyrate, we simply recommend looking at your own personal medical history to see if there’s a reason why sodium or calcium and magnesium might provide any extra benefits to your health.

Sodium Butyrate Benefits

Sodium butyrate is the most commonly used form of butyrate—and the most clinically researched. For those unsure of which butyrate supplement to start with, we recommend sodium since it appears in most scientific studies.

While the sodium content in sodium butyrate is minimal, it’s worth noting that sodium has been unfairly blamed for health problems like cardiovascular disease. The right sodium (aka, unprocessed) helps to energize the body and provide balance for other minerals in the body.

For those with a condition like postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) where a higher sodium intake is recommended, sodium butyrate may provide a subtle boost in energy and symptom relief with its combination of sodium and gut-healing benefits.*

Speaking of the many benefits of sodium butyrate, this postbiotic does it all. Butyrate supplementation is associated with:

  • GI symptom relief (bloating, gas, irregularity, etc.)*
  • Balanced blood sugar *
  • Improved mucosal barrier lining (no more leaky gut!)*
  • Immune system regulation*
  • Cardiovascular health*
  • Brain health enhancement*
  • Helping to assure proper DNA replication as an HDAC inhibitor*

Calcium Magnesium Butyrate Benefits

Calcium magnesium butyrate provides all the same health benefits as sodium butyrate. We simply offer it as an option for those who may be concerned about extra sodium in their diet and wish for an alternative eating foods with butyrate.

Some people, like our friend Dave Asprey, note subtle improvements in stress relief and sleep when taking calcium magnesium butyrate. This may be because calcium and magnesium are more relaxing, while sodium is more energizing.

Which Butyrate Should I Choose?

If debating between sodium and calcium magnesium butyrate is what’s keeping you from enjoying the many benefits of a butyrate supplement, you have permission to let go of your anxieties. Both supplements will support gut health, immunity, brain health, and metabolic health. You really can’t make a wrong choice.

Choosing the supplement that fits with your own personal goals and health history may help you to optimize the effects of butyrate, though. We recommend looking at your mineral intake and investigating whether magnesium and calcium or sodium would be more beneficial for your particular health concerns. 

If in doubt—give both supplements a try. Use sodium butyrate for a period of one to three months to see how it affects you. After that, switch over to calcium magnesium butyrate to see if you notice a difference.

Any Butyrate is Better Than No Butyrate

The bottom line? All butyrate is good butyrate (as long as it’s good quality of course!). This supplement is essential for repairing gut damage caused by environmental toxins and pesticides on our food. Our bodies can’t produce enough of it on their own (we generally don’t consume enough resistant starches), so this is where supplementation comes in. 

Whatever butyrate you choose, just ensure that your supplement is high-quality and made without fillers or unnecessary chemicals. It should align with your personal food tolerances, needs, and health goals. That’s all you need to worry about!

BodyBio Butyrate has been tested and used clinically by doctors for over twenty years. You can learn more with our Butyrate/Gut+ Get Started Guide.

We’re proud to offer a supplement that’s impacting thousands of people’s health for the better. If you decide to give it a try, let us know!

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