Your PC Start Guide: How to Take Phosphatidylcholine

Key Points:

  • Total body health starts from your cells. We believe that taking care of our cells means extending healthspan, reducing chronic disease, improving mitochondria health, healthier brain function, and overall improved health and wellbeing. Phosphatidylcholine supplementation gives us the materials we need to support reserve capacity, improve the structure and function of our cell membranes, and ultimately provide our cells with what they need to optimize overall wellness.

  • There are many benefits to taking phosphatidylcholine, including cardiovascular health, eye health, gut health, improving brain health and function, detoxification, inflammation, and even improving hair health and hair growth.*

  • Dosing for phosphatidylcholine is based on your specific needs, and your current health status and goals. While our standard recommendation of ½ tsp is a maintenance dose, some customers take higher amounts of phosphatidylcholine to help fight against chronic illness or support cellular regeneration.*

Taking Phosphatidylcholine for Chronic Illness, Longevity, Brain Power, and More

At BodyBio, we’re passionate about finding the root causes of health and harnessing the power of your physical body to the best of its ability. With over 100 trillion cells that make up the body, we believe cellular health is a key component to longevity, healing, and living better. 

Phosphatidylcholine (also known as PC), is a phospholipid supplement we created to supercharge your cells. Its effects ripple out from the cellular level to help with cognitive function, mitochondria function (energy production), and so much more.

Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health,  boost your energy, eliminate brain fog after illness, or improve your cognition, PC is a fantastic supplement to consider.

Table of Contents:

So I Just Received BodyBio PC – Now What?

Congratulations! You’re well on your way toward vibrant cellular health and crushing your physical and mental wellness goals. After consistently taking phosphatidylcholine, our customers report elevated mental clarity, better focus, improved detox, and more sustained, stable energy throughout the day.

First, we recommend that you take BodyBio PC for at least 6-12 weeks to notice the full benefits. Most people should start with a small dose (typically, two capsules or ½ teaspoon) and work their way up to a higher dose if necessary. 

To gauge your results over time, create a journal entry or record a voice note detailing all the current issues or areas of improvement you think BodyBio PC could help with. This will serve as a guide and reference point for your phosphatidylcholine journey. Make sure you note the date for future reference! At two, four, and six weeks, come back and update your progress. Whatever changes you notice, be sure to leave us a review about your experience. We love hearing from our community about their journey with PC!

The Benefits of Taking Phosphatidylcholine

Taking a PC supplement comes with a myriad of benefits for the body. These are just a few phosphatidylcholine benefits you may experience after adding PC to your supplement routine:

1. Gut Health 

Phosphatidylcholine has prebiotic properties and is known to support the gut lining. Meaning, it’s a great option for people who struggle with intestinal permeability, gut dysbiosis, gut-related brain fog, and low energy related to digestion.* 

2. Weight Loss

Phosphatidylcholine may be able to improve the breakdown of fats, improve lipid metabolism and enhance satiety.* This equals a more robust metabolism and improved hunger and fullness cues.  

3. Preventing Age Related Cognitive Decline 

Phospholipids power the brain by supporting the neuronal membrane, supporting white matter, and mitigating inflammation. Phospholipid levels in the body decrease dramatically as we age. By supporting your body through supplementation, we can support our cells and guard against neuroinflammation, brain atrophy, and ultimately cognitive decline or neurodegenerative diseases.*

4. Improving Brain Function

Do you struggle with brain fog, word finding, or impaired focus? Phosphatidylcholine is a powerful remedy our customers use for improved brain function.* It’s particularly helpful for those suffering with brain-based symptoms, as well as individuals healing from chronic, complex illness who may need an extra cognitive boost. 

5. Hair Growth and Pigmentation 

PC and phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) play key roles in the function of the hair matrix cell, which is in charge of hair growth, volume, and pigmentation. If you struggle with hair thinning or premature graying, a phospholipid complex supplement like BodyBio PC could be supportive.*

6. Healing Mold Toxicity 

With cases of mold toxicity, we often see that the cell membrane is greatly impacted and the detoxification system is impaired. Mycotoxins can disrupt the structure of the cell membrane by interacting with the lipid components of the membrane. Mycotoxins can bind to phospholipids in the membrane, which alters the fluidity and permeability of the membrane. Mycotoxins also disrupt signaling pathways within the cell, leading to oxidative stress and inflammation. This can lead to changes in the function of membrane proteins, which can have a variety of downstream effects on cellular processes.

Phospholipids help to repair the cell membrane, improve cell-to-cell communication, and support the removal of mycotoxins from inside the cell membrane and inside the cell itself, which in turn improves detox and gets to the root of mold toxicity illness.*

Should I Expect any “Die-Off” Symptoms from BodyBio PC?

Conditions like mycotoxin illness, chronic inflammatory response syndrome (CIRS), Lyme Disease, cell membrane damage, and other inflammatory conditions can often cause a detox or “die off” reaction when first addressed. This is because toxins are being stirred up in the body before they are processed through the liver. (While unpleasant, it’s a good sign that toxins are moving!)

A small percentage of our customers have noticed this die-off reaction when taking BodyBio PC. Symptoms are usually flu-like and most importantly, temporary. In order to mitigate them, we recommend starting low and increasing your PC dose slowly (cut back to one capsule or just a ¼ tsp if you feel bad). Taking PC with protein and fatty acids, while also supporting your body with tools like activated charcoal, chlorella, infrared sauna, minerals and electrolytes, biofeedback and neurofeedback can all help. 

Remember, this reaction is only temporary and before long you’ll be on your way to feeling better. You got this. 

What’s the Difference Between Capsules and Liquid PC Supplements?

Many customers want to know the difference between liquid and capsule phosphatidylcholine supplements. The truth is, there isn’t much difference except the form. The most important thing about choosing your dosing method is picking the one that works best for you and motivates you to take PC regularly.

Liquid PC 

We offer PC in a liquid form because it’s easier to get in high doses. For those working to reverse mitochondrial damage or support their body through chronic illness recovery, a higher dose of PC is often necessary, and it’s easier to get by the spoonful instead of swallowing 10+ capsules. Liquid PC will also make anything it's mixed with into a liposomal suspension, which can encourage better absorption of other supplements you’re taking or even nutrients from food. 

Liquid PC Maintenance Dose: Take ½ teaspoon daily with food

Capsule PC

This PC is best for people who don’t like the taste of liquid phosphatidylcholine, prefer to have capsules for travel, or only need a maintenance dose of PC. Capsules are easier to take on the fly and many people prefer them for this reason. There is no difference in efficacy between capsules and liquid PC, just a different delivery vehicle. 

Capsule PC Maintenance Dose: 2 capsules daily with food

Phosphatidylcholine Dosing: How Much Phosphatidylcholine Should I Take?

We recommend a maintenance dose of BodyBio PC at two capsules daily (or ½ teaspoon if you’re taking it in liquid form). However, those who are dealing with chronic illness, chronic fatigue, or mitochondrial damage may find benefit from a higher dose. Remember, phospholipids are essential nutrients and individual needs will vary greatly. 

In this case, we have heard our practitioners recommend up to multiple tablespoons of PC daily, depending on individual need and tolerance. If you think you might need a higher dose of PC, it may be beneficial to work with a trained BodyBio health practitioner to determine the best dose for you. When taking a heavier dose of PC, remember to slowly work your way up to your ideal dose in order to avoid detox symptoms.

The Best Time of Day to Take Phosphatidylcholine

To reap the most benefits from PC, try taking it in the morning or afternoon. This will give your body time to absorb the dose and get it to your cells throughout the day. You’ll also be able to put that increased brain power toward your daily activities. We know some customers who take their PC after lunch as an alternative to caffeine to keep their brain powering through the afternoon. Others prefer to take it in the morning to maximize their energy in the first part of the day. It’s really up to you!

Get the Most Out of Your Liquid PC

Here’s a tip: when it seems like you’ve started to run out of your liquid PC, don’t toss the bottle just yet! If you turn the bottle upside down on its cap and let it sit for a while (a few hours or overnight), you can usually get a couple extra doses out of it. Using a butter knife to scoop out the last of the PC from the bottle is also helpful. To get the very last drop, you can add warm water to the empty bottle and shake it vigorously to dissolve the remaining PC. Simply drink it from the bottle or add it to another beverage such as a smoothie. 

We know you’re making an investment for your health when you buy PC, so we want to help you make the most of it!

Optimize Absorption with Liposomal Phosphatidylcholine 

All phosphatidylcholine supplements aren’t created equal. In fact, many low-quality phosphatidylcholine supplements are simply triple lecithin packed in oil and these are broken down during the digestive process and eliminated without any real benefits. 

There’s a better way to take charge of your health with real PC — and we’ve formulated our supplements based on the latest research and third-party testing for quality and efficacy. Our PC is truly liposomal and according to our customers, it makes a real difference in their cognitive function, cellular membrane health, gut health, and so much more.*

Begin Your Journey to Lower Brain Fog and Increase Energy with BodyBio’s PC.*


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