BodyBio Inc. is one of only a few organizations in the world that has been able to keep pace with the available medical research on the implications of nutrition on functions and disorders. Even more importantly, BodyBio has developed proven methods (our diagnostic BodyBio Reports) to bridge the knowledge gap between applied nutritional research, health care practitioners and patients interested in nutrition as a component of their health care.

BodyBio offers special pricing for Healthcare Professionals. Please download the application below and fax the completed form to us along with a copy of your license or degree. Once we have received the information , we will setup a professional account for you. This account will give you access to our online catalog with professional pricing. It is important that you provide a valid email address so that your account information can be sent to you.

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Answers To Nature Magazine Article

Download 2.82 MB 121 downloads


Fat Facts on Omega 3 and Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Download 7.47 MB 86 downloads


Liquid Minerals Bulletin

Download 875.41 KB 98 downloads


Phosphatidylcholine PC – Fountain of Health

Download 3.45 MB 824 downloads


The Remarkable 4:1 FattyAcid Ratio and The Brain

Download 1.15 MB 90 downloads


Why 4:1 Ratio Oil?

Download 1.15 MB 83 downloads


Why Vitamins Bulletin

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