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BodyBio’s Multivitamin contains 21 vitamins, minerals, and other nutritional elements to help revitalize the body and brain.
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Support Metabolism

Stimulates Alertness

No Copper or Iron

Folate vs Folic Acid vs Folinic Acid vs 5-MTHF

Endocrine disruptors are chemicals known to interfere with our endocrine system and have been linked to the development of learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, cognitive problems, and even hormonal changes. Good news is there are ways to clean up the mess these chemicals create in our bodies.

Vitamins? Why?

The word “vitamins” describes organic substances that are quite diverse in function and structure. It was initially felt that these compounds could be obtained through a normal diet, and that they were capable of promoting growth and development, and of maintaining life.

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Top Customer Questions

Q: What is a multi-vitamin used for? 
A: Multi-vitamin and mineral preparations are used to provide the nutrients needed to help maintain a healthy metabolism, a strong immune system, and overall well-being.

Q: Why are iron and copper not in the formula? 
A: Found in every human cell, iron is stored in the body as ferrirtin in the liver, spleen, bone marroe and other organs. Iron losses are not common because the body has a limited capacity to excrete it. Intake of iron in supplements may interfere with absorption of other minerals, notable copper; and other minerlas may interfere with absorptioni of iron, namely magnesium, zinc, and calcium. Iron and copper needs of adults are often met in the diet.