BodyBio PC (Phosphatidylcholine)

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BodyBio PC combines three forms of pure phospholipids for quick absorption to rebuild every cell in your body, benefitting every key system.
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Which PC is right for me? Find out now


Mental Focus

Brain Function

Motor Skills


Mental Focus

Brain Function

Cellular Repair

What is PC?

Keeping all of the systems in the body running optimally is hard to do with diet alone. BodyBio PC works to give your cells the boost they need to work better, in turn supporting every system in your body to thrive. Since PC decreases as we age, more doctors are recommending supplementation with phosphatidylcholine to ensure we’re keeping our cells, and in turn, entire body healthy at any age

Which PC formula is right for me?


For those that prefer softgels to liquid, these work just like their liquid counterpart but will be broken down in digestion before the PC can reach the blood stream.


PC liquid is more readily absorbed in the body since it does not have to be digested first. Due to its thick consistency, some prefer the capsule version.

BodyBio Tips for a Healthy Immune System

Coronavirus. If you turn on your TV or radio or tune into your favorite podcast, news of the virus’s spread across the globe is unavoidable. While there...

Dr. Thomas Wnorowski

A pure liposomal phospholipid complex

Why BodyBio PC?

PC travels throughout the body and brain, rebuilding whatever cell needs repair for total body health.

Non-liposomal PCs, such as lecithin, are broken down by digestion, preventing the positive impact PC has on improving your cellular health. BodyBio PC is a non-GMO, pure liposomal phospholipid complex, meaning the pure phospholipids are not broken apart and are instantly utilized, re-building every cell in your body.

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