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Butyrate is a keto-friendly short chain fatty acid that encourages the formation of friendly bacteria in the gut.
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Which Butyrate is right for me? Find out now


Microbiome Support

Improved Digestion

Liver Support


Microbiome Support

Improved Digestion

Balance Electrolytes


Microbiome Support

Improved Digestion

Maintains PH Balance

Good Health Starts In The Gut

Which Butyrate is right for me?

Calcium Magnesium

Designed to meet the needs of most people today who are deficient in Mg and Ca. This is our recommendation for most people.

Sodium Potassium

Meets the needs of athletes and those who are very active, while accommodating those with sodium sensitive hyper tension, whereby potassium antagonizes and controls sodium.


The perfect combination for those who exercise frequently, work in hot environments, or have low blood sodium levels.

Butyrate and Your Gut

Butyrate is a supplement science says we should all get behind. Key takeaways: The microbiome is a community that involves everything from digestion to thinking and immunity,...

Dr. Thomas Wnorowski

What on Earth is Butyrate?

Key Takeaways: We cannot make enough butyrate because we eat too few resistant starches Butyrate nourishes the gut and promotes cell differentiation* Butyrate is a necessary component...

Dr. Thomas Wnorowski

Understanding the Microbiome

KEY TAKEAWAYS: The over 100 trillion microbes that constitute the body’s defense against disease can be negatively affected by the food we consume, such as processed foods...

Dr. Thomas Wnorowski

What role does Butyrate play in my body?

• Reduces Inflammation*

• Stabilizes the microbiome*

• Reduces our desire to overeat*

• Burns fat*

• Helps the body target and eliminate unhealthy cells*

• Cleans your cells*

• Stimulates the burning of abnormal fatty acids*

• Create an environment where cancer cells are not given the conditions they need to thrive*

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Top Customer Questions

Q: Why would one take Sodium Butyrate instead of plain Butyrate? Vice Versa?
A: Calsium Magnesium Butyrate is the most popular since we all seem to be in need of those two electrolyte. However, there are some who are sodium deficient. Your HCP could certainly assist those that may fall into that category.

Q: Can Sodium Butyrate be taken on an empty stomach?
A: We have never heard of any problems taking Butyrate on an empty stomach.

Top Customer Questions

Q: What is the recommended dosage of Sodium Potassium Butyrate?
A: Approximately 1-2 caps with each meal, unless otherwise suggested by your HCP.

Q: What is Butyrate used for?
A: Butyrate scrubs and cleans the liver, the gallbladder and the biliary tree. It also cleans the bowel, controls ammonia, remoces 'renegade' fats and lowers the expression of inflammatory immune markers called cytokins.

Top Customer Questions

Q: How long will one bottle of Calcium Magnesium Butyrate last?
A: It depends how many you take daily - they are sold in 100 or 250 count bottles.

Q: What are the ingredients in Calcium Magnesium Butyrate?
A: Butyric Acid, Calcium Hydroxide, Magnesium Hyrdroxide, and Diglycerides.