No sugars, no artificial sweeteners, just pure, salty electrolytes in a 16:1 ratio - the highest concentration available

BodyBio PC – Liquid

The most important supplement your cells need for health and repair*

Vitamin C Crystals

Immunity + Neurotransmitter Support*


21 vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements to support the body & brain*


Micro-algae tablets - a cleansing support to the GI system with a broad spectrum of vitamins and minerals*

Magnesium Carbonate

Second most abundant electrolyte in our cells that maintains heart, bone, muscle and nerve health*

Betaine HCI

Naturally sourced digestive support to help the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates*


Food for your microbiome. Burns fat, supports healthy digestion, and detoxifies the liver*

B Vitamin

Balanced complex of six essential B vitamins without methylating cofactors

Coenzyme Q10

CoQ10 promotes a stronger, healthier heart and brain*